Liquid Cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre which is naturally soft, absorbent and fluffy fibre. Versatile properties make the cotton suitable for leading textile fibre. Cotton is a robust fibre can sustain many chemicals and enzymatic treatments which can further enhance the surface and inner characteristics, for example, Mercerizing, bio-polishing etc. Liquid Cotton is cotton treated with liquid Ammonia to achieve more soft handle, lustrous effect, improved crease recovery, increased strength, and smooth dry appearance.

The treated fabric appears more like mercerized (Caustic Treatment) cotton.


  1. 100 percent cotton.
  2. With blends minimum 25 percent Cotton.


More specifically, it deals with a rapid process for the continuous tension mercerization of woven and knit fabric made of cotton and cotton/synthetic fibers with liquid ammonia which imparts improved wet wrinkle recovery, increased breaking and tearing strength, equal or better elongation at the break, improved smooth drying appearance after laundering, improved abrasion resistance, better hand, and expanded ratio of wet to dry wrinkle recovery, without increasing dye substantivity.

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S Schreibe, A Cooper, T Calamari, W Reeves

Current Assignee

US Department of Agriculture

Original Assignee

US Department of Agriculture

Priority date



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