Selfish humans ignore when they have no choice, Why pollution related to cotton production has the blind eye

Hazardous pesticides are used to protect the crop from insects and to control germs and microbes such as bacteria and viruses. Fungicides to control fungal problems like molds, mildew, and rust. Herbicides to kill or inhibit the growth of unwanted plants, also known as weeds. Beside that loose cotton fibre (tiny particles) are harmful to the respiratory system. Then there are pollutants related to wet processing.

Cotton is a natural fibre and most commonly used in textiles and shares the maximum share among other textile fibres and its properties make it the leader of fibres and Humans ignore the consequences which are well known but limited choice. The reasons why we are ignoring when we know that pollution has a significant effect on the environment and our life.

    • Ignoring and compromising for the sake of encouragement of agriculture and farming.
    • To get maximum crop
    • Soil losing fertility
    • Expensive and narrowing farming practices.
    • Increasing population and demand and to meet and fulfill the need even at the cost of known side effects and consequences.
    • There is no to limited residue values in cotton finished products henceforth the end users are least concerned.
    • cotton goes thru several harsh treatments to convert fibre to fashion products.
    • Cotton shares the maximum share among other textile fibres and properties make it the leader of fibres.

      • Henceforth everybody knows the side effects and consequences but turn blind to the cotton pollution since there is no choice.
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