Functional or fashion clothing?

Majority especially young generation prefer fashionable clothes but every clothing is functional itself, Comfort and protection from the elements are the basic functions of clothing. Henceforth whenever we choose fashion, we opt a function along with it.

Clothes made of Cotton, linen are cool, Woolens are warm, Polyester and Nylon ( the material used in swimming costumes) are hydrophobic (repel or absorb less water) Thus they are functional too.

Fashionable articles of clothing are different styles and designs which are equally important but strictly according to the occasion, you will not choose a formal trouser when going to the gym or in your yoga sessions.

There are specially engineered Functional clothing which has many dimensions and they are useful for extreme weather conditions, activewear, sportswear, U.V., Odorless clothing, protection from fire, OWR, DWR for workwear, and combat situations( Bulletproof vests)

Fashion is getting functional now, Yoga leggings, sportswear, and activewear are trending in street fashion.

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