Waterproof and fireproof textiles

Waterproof and fireproof textiles are technical textiles which are specially engineered to meet the requirement of water-resistant or waterproofing and to fireproof respectively.

Waterproof: The textiles which are hydrophobic and do not absorb water instead they repel the water. The waterproofing was firstly used in raincoats, and nowadays it is usable in the umbrella, camping, and tents and covering material in transportation, storage, etc. Waterproofing is also useful in stain repellency.

Selection of hydrophobic fibres like polyester, nylon, Polypropylene tight weave structures and coatings (with PU, PFC ) are the methods.

Fireproof: are the textiles which are useful in protection in case of exposure to the fire or direct flames. Those textiles are used in the fireman dress material and other industrial usages. There are certain fibres which are naturally fire resistant for example wool, kevlar, and Nomex and useful in fireproof textile materials. Chemical coatings are also available for fireproof textiles. Chemicals increase the flash point of the material.

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