Smart textiles and their limitations

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Smartphone, Smart television, smart watches and now this is the turn of smart textiles, E-textiles are fascinating, futuristic, useful and worthy. Gadget embedded textiles are the newest thing in textiles. The clothing will inform you about your calories burned, monitor your heart rate, provide information to your doctor and emit lighting in the disc, they will change color with your mood/command and many more things. The young generation will surely welcome and appreciate the concept, but E-textiles is still struggling with its teething problems. ( challenges of poor availability of appropriate raw material ) and awareness among favoring customer base.

  • Charging options
  • Battery life
  • Flexibility
  • Washability
  • Their robustness and strength to sustain with human movements.
  • Availability of conductive materials which are versatile in properties.
  • Lack of advertisement and promotional events to create awareness of existing products.


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