Best ways to tie-dye

Dyeing is an application in which a single color is applied uniformly with predetermined fastness objectives. But in Tie-dye some parts of the fabric or garment are kept undyed by tightly knotting the specific areas to prevent penetration of the dye solution which results in designs. Multiple colors are possible in tie-dye.

The best way to tie-dye is to take care of the base, selection of appropriate dyes and precautions in the application.

The fabric or garment should be prepared well. The garment should be well absorbent. Check it by pouring a drop of water; it should be entirely absorbed within two seconds. Then the area you want undyed should be knotted or tied tightly (you can use polyethylene wrap also to avoid any leakage)

Then you can proceed your dyeing by utilizing some safety measures like gloves, mask, and eye protection. Ensure proper ventilation to avoid fumes.

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